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Ezio Bruno's owner Frandent began its journey with the father Maurilio, then the strong determination and continuous improvement have allowed the company to become Frandent very important in agriculture.

The Frandent company is located in Osasco (TO), a small town near Pinerolo, and since 1977 is specialized in the production of agricultural machines and in particular power harrows, tedder spreaders and rotary rakes. In 2006 Frandent started to work in a new plant and introduced considerable innovations in the production process and in energy management in a "susteinable" way.

The sensation of Frandent's originality begins in the moment you enter the technical department illuminated by the Australian technology of "light pipes" that allows to the sunlight captured on the roof to be uniformly diffused in the offices in order to ensure optimum working conditions for those who spend many hours on technical studies.

In the production area, extraordinary is the thermal system, in addition to the radiant underfloor heating there is a system of windows, which allow constant and comfortable climatic conditions, and a uniform distribution of brightness to the workmen.

However it's coming out of the building that you can appreciate a true example of environnmental sustainabiliy and stimulus for the local economy, moreover than safety: the biomass boiler. The heat produced by the combustion of the raw material, wood chips, is used for underfloor heating and for the automatic painting line: another example of respect for the environnment, in fact, it uses water-based catalysed paints rather than usual solvent-based coatings.

A great investment in innovaton is the test field of 15.000 square meters used to perform functional tests on quality of Frandent's machines in extreme conditions.

Regarding to the production process, Frandent operates a Lean Production system: a method of organization of production based on the just-in-time, producing only when the customer needs, and on the elimination of any type of waste.The application of this method in Frandent has several implications:first, the layout of the plant allows the production process to follow a liner route, second, robotised welding island ensure higher quality in conditions of total safety for the operators and, at last, the elimination of stock that is managed through a vertical authomatic warehouse designed to reduce the waste in terms of square meters.

In period of great changes in the international competition, wars for non-renewable resources and serious environmental crisis to be focused on policies of reduction of wastes and use of renewable resources is a first step to the indipendence from dangerous reality for us and for the environment where we live.



Frandent for eco-sustainability

Take a look at the environment
Frandent for eco-sustainability

Farmers live and work immersed in nature, they love and respect it, and obtain the fruits of their labour from it. But can those who build farm machinery combine business with environmental protection? The answer is yes. Frandent is deeply committed to combining technological innovation with the use of clean and renewable energy, which respects the environment, the one resource we can never do without.

In Frandent, the technical offices are illuminated using “light pipes”: sunlight captured on the roof of the building is transported by reflection along special ducting and is then diffused in the offices. This means we have natural lighting without using electricity. Photovoltaic panels fitted on the roof produce clean and renewable energy. In the production area of the plant, with radiant underfloor heating, constant and comfortable environmental conditions and light are guaranteed by automatic management of the temperature, humidity and light. The Frandent automatic painting plant is another example of advanced technology that respects the environment: in fact, it uses water-based catalysed paints rather than the usual solvent-based coatings. Most of the energy used by Frandent is produced and managed by a biomass boiler, a true example of environmental sustainability. The fuel is wood chips, which guarantees environmental production, since the carbon dioxide produced by its consumption balances the carbon dioxide contained in the living plant.

The Factory

Built respecting the environment
Frandent The Factory

We've spent the last thirty years developing ideas and projects that, thanks to our talented human resources and growing investments in innovative technology, we have transformed into increasingly reliable high-performance agricultural machinery. Power harrows, tedders spreades and rotary raking machines: all durable machines of excellent quality. Nowadays with our presence throughout Europe, and ongoing expansion in the global market, our commitment and work continue to pursue a single objective: to design and build machines that make farmers' work easier, and increasingly productive.

Research and design

A 15.000 square metre test field
Frandent Research and design

Our continuous innovation, and our ability to respond to the growing needs of the market are the result of the intense and impassioned work that takes place every day in the Frandent research and design office: a team of specialists and an advanced IT system with three dimensional design allow us to develop new machines and new details, and to perfect functional improvements that increasingly optimise work in the field.

A 15.000 square metre test field next to the plant allows us to perform functional tests on the prototypes developed with inhouse design.

Production & Control

Machines that make your work easier
Frandent Production & Control

The new Frandent plant has produced a further impulse to growth with the introduction of important innovations, in both technology and in the rationalisation of the production process. Frandent operates a Lean Production System, based on the elimination of wasted resources and energy, which translates into higher overall quality in the finished product, and lower costs: the advantages for users of Frandent machines are evident, both in economic terms and in the daily use of the machines, reliable and long lasting.

The special layout of the new plant allows the production process to follow a linear route, drastically reducing wasted and non-productive movements. Robotised welding islands create precise and high quality welds without subsequent manual intervention.

An automatic vertically stacking warehouse, with robotised management, reduced materials procurement times and wastage.

Painting is performed en bloc, switching the planton once only.

Quality & Innovation

Built to last
Frandent Quality & Innovation

We adopt innovative technologies to ensure the long lasting of our machines

Test on the "Shock Track"

An extreme track for hard tests
Frandent Test on the shock track

An extreme and unique track divided in 4 sectors composed by cement and stones that lead the machines to the exasperation.